OnionOnions Gifted by The Southern Katabatic Wind


The unique katabatic wind that blows through Hengchun Peninsula enables the onions to grow upwards and dries out the humidity on their skin. Layers of scales not only store the moisture and sweetness within them, they also contain high nutritional value. Hengchun Peninsula onions are light colored and full of flesh; different from the spiciness of ordinary onions, they are sweet and rich in flavor, favored by the Japanese consumers.

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LettuceGreen and Fresh Lettuce Certified for Exportation

Lettuce is mainly grown in Yunlin, Taiwan where it is nourished by the nutrition dense soil from the mouth of Zhoushui River. Along with the sea breeze in winter and the warmth of the sun, the drop of temperature at night keeps the moisture within layers of leaves. Certified by GLOBALG.A.P. and MGAP for excellent food safety standard, each bite of the lettuce guarantees crisp texture, sweetness and freshness.

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carrotPrecise Production and Marketing for the Shining Carrots

Yunlin and Changhua are main production areas of carrots which are strictly controlled in every stage throughout the supply chain. From advanced machine production areas and cleaning and packing facility to the practice of traceability and implementation of pesticides regulation, every carrot produced is fresh, sweet and bitter-less with the promise of the utmost food safety standard. Its unique flavor is loved by many.

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