about MitagriIntegrating long-term problems in agriculture with professional solutions to restore the value of agricultural Products in Taiwan

Problems in Taiwan agricultureFacing and solving ongoing agricultural problems in Taiwan

Cultivable lands are scattered, which impedes the development within Taiwan of large companies which are specialized in production-oriented agribusiness. This indirectly leads to unstable disadvantages, such as disturbing the supply of agricultural production to global markets, and a reduction in farmers' earnings. To break away from those complicated entanglements and to take the first step, a reliable and competent company is required to provide problem-solving skills and create balance between managerial sustainability and flexibility of competitive advantages in the world.

Exports of agricultural productions are unstable.

Farmers' incomes are low.

Inefficient use of farmlands.


Mitagri Co., Ltd. was established on December 5, 2016, with the purpose of providing solutions to the problems mentioned above. Our Vision is to have all the Made in Taiwan (MIT) Agriculture (AGRI) goods to be promoted through the branding. Through the branding of agricultural products, the flow of information between production and marketing become transferable and quality should be a preset target from the beginning of cultivation. In this way, the value of the products is increased in a heartfelt way for all consumers, and producers regain trust in the warmth between the land and humankind.

Vertical intergrity of products’ distribution

Branding of National Agri-Products

Our visionEmpower agriculture industry and become competitive

By providing fruits and vegetables of good quality and stable supply to the customers in Taiwan in order to stimulate agriculture as a competitive industry attracting younger generations to be involved.

Full Implementation of Agritech

The scale of arable land in Taiwan is small. But the leading technology is beneficial to develop precision agriculture.


Construct open microclimate data for farmland by introducing data scientists and analytical methodologies to build up monitor systems for the growth of crops.

Expand Future for the Young Farmer Generation

Since agriculture suffers from an aging population, farmlands might be abandoned without new recruits.


Gathering young generations to participate in joint contract farming driven by National Brands and discussions on quality-control along with corporate governance; Training contemporary farmers in new era to equip professional skills with new thinking about value-added farmlands.

International Marketing of Agri Products

Without understanding the global consumer’s demands, concise reactions to the various markets are not plausible.


In recent years, the rise of Japanese food culture in Asia, Europe, and America has established a trend. Taiwan also learns from Japan's model and will try to integrate Taiwanese food culture, Taiwan's best fruits and cuisines to the foreign markets.

Global Marketing with countries in Central and South America

Taiwan is friendly with the major agricultural countries in Central and South America. Taiwan has competitive advantages in products such as: coffee, melons, and avocados.

Global Agricultural Marketing

In the future, we will provide guidance and support to Central and South America for global agricultural marketing, and at the same time, Mitagri will work together with the government in the new Southbound policy and will endeavor to expand its territory to the potential markets in Southeast Asia.

Our insistenceThe establishment of a perfect agricultural environment by multifaceted considerations

Agricultural problems are complex and are often affected by many historical and political factors. However, hope will become meager if the agricultural lands no longer exist or the farmers decreases.

Boosting competitiveness through the integration of various technologies

In order to boost Taiwan’s competitiveness, international trade should combine the technologies of land and planting with additional knowledge regarding capital investment and market management. We insist on professional guidance throughout the whole process. By listening to and communicating with all the voices on this land, together we create an agricultural environment that allows farmers to stand tall and be proud of receiving the seeds of hope from the fertile soil for the generations to come.